We sell worldwide: Pure black currant jam

Packaged in 375 ml bottles

When you first taste our pure black currant jam you will taste an intensifying tartness that makes your taste buds think that they're going to explode. All of a sudden the sweetness kicks in and calms the tartness to make black currant jam the most succulent flavor you can imagine.
Try using the jam with some ice cream, yogurt or a milkshake. Black currants make a wonderful garnish with meats instead of always using cranberry sauce.
Our pure black currant jam is made using whole black currants and has the full essence of the berry. The taste is truly memorable since it's so recognizable once you've tasted our pure black currant jam. Your family will want a bottle of our pure jam in the fridge all the time so as not to run out and miss the unforgettable taste...There are No preservatives, artificial flavors or colorings in our products.
Blackcurrant jam
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