We sell worldwide: Pure black currant nectar

Packaged in 341 ml bottles

Try our pure black currant concentrate that will give you the finest drink of black currant juice you can buy!
If you aren't wanting a drink and want something just a bit more tantalizing to the palette add some to your vanilla ice cream and have the most incredible experience...A Black Currant Milk Shake.

Once you have tried this perfect combination you'll be having Black Currant Milk Shakes forever. It's something that gives anyones taste buds the approval that they want and need. This concentrate can be used for making the perfect tasting black currant drink, milkshakes, black currant milk or use tonic water for a black currant beverage. You can use this concentrate for a mix with liquors to get the true taste of black currants in all your favorite drinks. Try some today...
Black currant concentrate
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